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Homeschooling resources, including homeschool curriculum, books, testing, technology, planning and record-keeping, laws, support groups, magazines, online homeschool programs, courses and educational  activities are factors in the home education of children.   For parents choosing to educate their children in a home setting, as opposed to within a public or private school, it is important to be aware of homeschool requirements and laws, options, such as online/correspondence schools, umbrella schools, parent or tutor education, print and online curriculum options, how to choose curriculum, testing requirements and preparation, record-keeping requirements and methods, books of all types, technology tools, such as computers, tablets and eReaders, as well as support groups, where parents share information on homeschooling.  As home education has become more common, the internet has become a great source of tools and help for educating children.  In fact, the large number of websites and blogs offering homeschooling and educational resources makes it time-consuming to search the web for needed information.  That is why the goal of this site, created by a homeschool mom always searching for additional information in all areas of home education, is to be a place where parents can find everything they need to begin, and continue, homeschooling.  Most websites and blogs offer lots of useful information and free resources   (eBooks, videos, webinars, sheet music downloads, magazines, language lessons, painting, photography or musical instrument lessons, lessons/unit studies, printables, mobile apps, curriculum guides, online interactive programs, to make learning fun, etc), even if other items are available for purchase, so it is important to consider every website listed here a potentially-valuable source.

Please feel free to email ( the name of a website or blog which you find a valuable resource, for possible inclusion in our guide.

Best Books

Best Sources For Laptops, Notebooks, Tablets, E-Readers/Kindle and E-Books

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--- Best Sources For Curriculum ---


--- Multiple Subject Resources ---

FUN 4 THE BRAIN - games , activities, tests and quizzes in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, science, English and more, for preschool thru middle school

SHEPPARD SOFTWARE - hundreds of educational games, activities, quizzes and articles in areas of usa, world, animals, language arts, health, science, math, preschool, brain

LEARNING PAGE free teaching resources - professionally-produced books, worksheets, lesson plans and more; free downloads and resource calendars, monthly resource sets, basic sheets, theme sheets, e-books and clipart    

ED HELPER printables and worksheets in reading, writing, math, critical thinking, language, social studies, geography, spelling, vocabulary, United States/50 states, health, several foreign languages, special education, teaching ideas & aids, test prep, art, puzzles and more

BRAIN POP - animated educational website for K-12, in science, health, technology, math, social studies, English, arts and music, with movies, quizzes, activity pages and homework help; academic standards, by state, subject and grade

BRAIN POP JR. animated educational website for K-3, in science, health, arts, technology, math, social studies, reading and writing,  with movies, quizzes, activity pages and homework help; academic standards, by state, subject and grade

EDUCATION home school resources for preschool thru 12th grade, including math activities, science activities, reading activities, arts and crafts, science fair projects, math worksheets, coloring pages, workbooks, articles, blogs, newsletter, Spanish articles/resources, information on types of 
school, state standards, college selection, entrance, SAT, ACT test prep and more
 HANDWRITING FOR KIDS - animated alphabet letters, step-by-step instructions for forming each cursive and manuscript letter, printables for  practice in letter formation;  English - printable worksheets and interactive exercises; math - interactive and printable worksheet exercises; a section to serve Spanish-speaking homeschoolers

VOCABULARY SPELLING CITY - learning activities and games for elementary, middle and high school, in areas of vocabulary, spelling, writing, parts of speech, handwriting and alphabetical order; spelling lists, teacher-training videos, teaching resources with lists and lesson plans; games to play online or print; forum; newsletters

ENCHANTED LEARNING - thousands of pages of online K-12 educational materials and activities, much of it free and with all materials available for low-cost subscription

PBS KIDS PLAY, LEARN & SHOP shop for books, DVD's, toys, clothes based on well-known PBS Kids shows and their characters, including Curious George, Caillou, The Cat In The Hat, Word World, Martha Speaks, Word Girl, Super Why, Sesame Street, Arthur and more; go to the "Play" section and enjoy educational games, videos and activities based on all the same shows; award-winning interactive school reading program; tools and tips for raising children who like to learn; preK-12 educational resources and activities to use in homeschool or other educational program

STARFALL children aged preschool to grade 2 learn to read with a systematic phonics approach and interactive learning and practice; math learning and practice with interactive and printable activities; educational songs, videos, "talking library"

FIRST-SCHOOL - for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarten level (ages 2 to 6),
lesson plans, educational early childhood activities, printable crafts, worksheets, calendar of events and other resources for children of preschool age; the preschool crafts, lesson plans and activities are appropriate and adaptable for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten level (ages 2 to 6)

KHAN ACADEMY lessons and practice on most topics involved in learning, including math, science, computer science, finance and economics, history, American civics, art history, test prep and more
GRAMMARLY  - free online grammar checker, automated proofreader, personal grammar coach; program instantly finds and corrects over 150 types of grammatical mistakes, improves word choice with context-optimized vocabulary suggestions, and avoids plagiarism by checking texts against over 2 billion documents 

SUPER TEACHER WORKSHEETS - worksheets in areas of math, reading, writing, phonics,  grammar, spelling, science, social studies, holidays, pre-K and kindergarten, puzzles and brain teasers; many are free; all are available for low-cost subscription

EASY FUN SCHOOL-  over 1,500 pages of free educational resources, including lessons plans, unit studies and games, in many subjects, for all ages; homeschooling tips and state information

SPELLZONE - an online English spelling course with thousands of pages of teaching, tests and games 
--- MATH --- 

MATH IS FUN - learning and practice in areas of numbers, algebra, geometry, data, measure, puzzles, games, dictionary and worksheets  

NUMBER NUT - math information, including basic math, advanced math and pre-algebra, as well as activities to reinforce knowledge

MAKING MATH MORE FUN - math games package for making learning and practicing math a fun experience

MATH TUTOR - math, physics, chemistry and engineering taught with step-by-step examples

MATH GOODIES math interactive lessons, worksheets, CD's, homework help, webquests, games, puzzles, articles, newsletter and information on Common Core State Standards for Mathematics

MATH PLAYGROUND online math games, math worksheets, math practice, "Stay Sharp Arcade", math facts, real world math, logic games, math word problems, math activities, math video lessons, math and art, thinking blocks and Common Core State Standards in Math

ALBEGRA-CLASS - educational website, created by a math teacher, offering lessons, practice tests, homework help, SAT math practice, e-lessons, etc. in pre-Algebra and Algebra

XTRA MATH - a free web program to help kids master basic math facts   

children and adults can learn mental shortcuts for doing math in their heads; simple methods from a veteran math teacher can help to overcome "math phobia" and to easily pass math tests


CHEMISTRY 4 KIDS basic chemistry information, including matter, atoms, elements, the periodic table, reactions, and biochemistry, and activities to reinforce knowledge 

GEOGRAPHY 4 KIDS - basic physical geography/earth science information, including earth energy, earth structure, atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and climates, and activities to reinforce knowledge

BIOLOGY 4 KIDS basic biology information, including cell structure, cell function, scientific studies, plants, vertebrates and invertebrates, and activities to reinforce knowledge 

COSMOS 4 KIDS - basic astronomy/science of the stars information, including the universe, galaxies, solar system, stars and exploration, and activities to reinforce knowledge

PHYSICS 4 KIDS basic physics information, including motion, heat and thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism, light and modern physics, and activities to reinforce knowledge

EXPERILAND over 300, tested, safe and fun, hands-on science projects suitable for 1st thru 8th grades; areas of science include Chemistry, Earth, Life, Electricity and Physics; e-books allow immediate access to materials, including "The Giant Encyclopedia of Science Projects"

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC - daily news, maps, science, education, animals, games, photos, videos, Kids section with fun stuff, education section,  magazines

GEOGRAPHY - sources for students, parents and educators to learn, discover and explore geography

SMITHSONIAN KIDS - the kids section of the Smithsonian Museum site is filled with educational information, encyclopedia, activities and games especially designed for children

LITTLE PASSPORTS - program to encourage 5-10 year olds to learn about the world, other countries and their cultures, with "Explorer Kit" and monthly "Activity Kits" delivered to your child's mailbox; activity sheets and online games for learning about the world

HOMESCHOOL SCIENCE ADVENTURES  - complete science programs for grade 1-8, with education and hands-on experiments; online program available; astronomy, birds, magnetism, insects, light and more; free products



ABOUT HOMESCHOOLING - information on basics of homeschooling, homeschooling methods, tips and ideas, record keeping and evaluation, laws and regulations, curriculum, support groups, gifted and special needs, resources of all types and much more

HSLDA - the Home School Legal Defense Association, a United States-based "nonprofit advocacy organization established to defend and advance the constitutional right of parents to direct the education of their children and to protect family freedoms", since 1983; information on basics of homeschooling, choosing curriculum, state laws, support groups and more; HSLDA International provides information on homeschooling in other countries 

THE HOMESCHOLAR - Lee Binz is well-known for helping parents homeschool high school, having done it herself; blog, newsletter, free e-books, webinars, mini-courses, recordkeeping samples

THE HOMESCHOLAR TOTAL TRANSCRIPT SOLUTION - designed by Lee Binz, a comprehensive source for creating homeschooling high school transcripts for college admissions

WELL PLANNED DAY - THE ORIGINAL HOMESCHOOL PLANNER - from the Home Educating Family Association; family homeschool planners, student planners, high school planners, college/university planners and more

DESIGN-YOUR-HOMESCHOOL stated goal is to provide information and resources to make it possible for each homeschooling parent to design the home school that best suits that particular family and offers resources for doing this, including "THE KEEP-ON-TRACK HOMESCHOOL PLANNER"homeschooling guide, steps in setting up a home school, establishing home school goals, curriculum options and reviews, subjects, choosing and designing the homeschooling approach, organization, support/groups, resources, news, blog, forum and articles;  planners/organizers and printables

HOME EDUCATING FAMILY ASSOCIATION - homeschool 101 resources; organization helps, planners, calendars and e-books; magazines

POSITIVE PARENTING SOLUTIONS - a comprehensive online parenting course teaching positive discipline know-how, for parents of toddlers to teens

DAY-TIMER PLANNERS - daily, weekly, monthly planners, student planners, refills, covers, accessories, appointment books, calendars, pens and writing sets, briefcases, bags and more

HOMESCHOOL CREATIONS - weekly homeschool planner, resources, free printables and encouragement for homeschooling families

MOM AGENDA - day planners, home organizers, notebooks, journals, pads, accessories, refills, mobile apps, free downloads